NYC's Continuing Nightlife Wars
Smalls battles are being fought by locals against the wild atrocities of imposing revelers.

As we reported earlier this week, Greenwood Park patrons are having a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun. Conversely, Greenwood Park neighbors aren’t having any fun at all, and not just because their children have to play next to a cemetery. And it's getting worse.

Since opening a month ago, the beer hall has been hosting a slew of patrons that have decided to make the area their own public, let’s say, comfort station.

Neighbors have been displeased with the influx of public urination, public sex, and the streets have been dusted with a mix of cigarettes and puke.

Worsening on the weekends, Greenwood Park has been urged to hang signs requested the respect of its patrons for the sake of the neighborhood.

“On any given night, we are witnessing public urination, sexual acts being performed, and drunks stumbling down the block,” said one local resident to the Brooklyn Paper.

Owner Ted Mann, who is coincidentally Ted Nugent’s son, has said he plans to meet with Community Board 7 to help address the concerns of the people.

Now, let's shoot over to Manhattan, where Gramercy locals are trying to prevent a Greenwood Park situation before the bars are even built. Community Board 6 has reviewed two requests for liquor licenses just this past weeks. One would be an intimate wine bar, while the other would be an upscale lounge that would cater to older crowds.

The Gramercy Park Association has been rallying against the move out of fear of the area becoming too similar to the Meatpacking district.

While it seems like locals in any neighborhood are piling up the complaints against new business, the true fear is that most of these new establishments aren’t opening to serve the community, but rather bring in a class of outsiders that would surely rip their streets apart in an inebriated reckoning.