Barclays Bringing the Party to Brooklyn
Whether Brooklyn wants the party or not.

New York has always been the place to be, but has becoming less and less the place the live.

It seems that all over the map, neighborhoods are shrinking with the influx of imbibing touristy hotspots and all the locals can do is voice their concerns against the massive amounts of funds going into developing these new party destinations.

The latest coup is happening around the Barclays Center Arena in Brooklyn. The stampeding Nets fans and concert goers looking to keep the jeep riding aren’t going to take off for Manhattan if all the nightlife adventures are laid out in front of them, and so here come the bars and restaurants.

Restaurateurs are strategizing their menus for the new crowds by looking at similar neighborhoods like Madison Square Garden, but the diverse clientele may be tough to put a fix on. “It’s not the easiest thing to target a market that doesn’t exist already,” Brendan Spiro, who owns nearby bar, Woodlawn, told WNYC,

Over two dozen new businesses have requested liquor licenses, and you can bet the character of the Park Slope community will change. Grassroots groups and community boards have raised their concerns over the predicted head aches and oversaturation, but as of yet all future parties are still on.