"Cyclo-Phone" To Serenade Astor Place
A bike-powered musical instrument for the masses!

Most New Yorkers are familiar with the Alamo cube that sits perched on the cross streets, and many know what minutes of fun can be had spinning the giant block.

It's a great meeting spot for locals and travelers alike. Now, thanks to NYC’s Summer Streets Program, which focuses on the cities valuable public spaces, there’s something else you can spin this month.

Gaze in awe upon the Cyclo-Phone, a bicycle-powered musical instrument of sorts that’s built out of a kiddie pool. PVC pipes stick out the sides linking to a stationary bike that powers the installation.

Architects Marcelo Erteguy and Sara Valente designed the Cyclo-Phone which will be activated August 11th and 18th from 7am to 1pm. Erteguy and Valente were also behind the benches that rotate 360-degrees that Summer Streets installed on Allen Street.

When the Alamo cube was installed in the late Sixties, locals petitioned to extend the 6-month exhibit indefiniately. Is the Cyclo-Phone something you'd want your great grandkids playing with?