Stand Up NY: Comedy on the Water
Get some laughs and eats at this waterside comedy show.


Pier NYC, a new seasonal waterfront cafe, located on the West Promenade of Roosevelt Island, will be hosting Comedy on the Water August 16th at 8pm and it's free to attend with a 2 drink minimum. Stand Up NY, one of the city's oldest comedy clubs, has played host to some of the biggest names in comedy, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart. The venue has partnered with Pier NYC, a great spot for outdoor relaxation on the water to bring you this great event. The evening's comedians include Jonathon Randall, Mike Vecchione, Ryan Reiss, Brian McGuinness, and Kyle Grooms. Each performer has only fifteen minutes in which to make the audience roar with laughter, so be careful when eating.

Josh Bowen of John Brown Smokehouse serves as grillmaster here so look forward to pulled pork sandwiches, lamb sausage, and smoked turkey and oysters, crabcakes and more seafood dishes by chef David Santos. Alyssa Gangeri of Allycakes serves as the pastry chef at Pier NYC, serving up specialty items like mudslide cookies and red velvet whoopie pies. Imbibe with $6-$8 brews and refreshing $8-$12 cocktails.

Get the last laugh at this fun weeknight event and show other New Yorkers what they're missing!