Ho(s)tel: The Freehand Miami Beach Goes Hostel Hipster Chic
This new hostel/hotel hybrid offers an entirely new way to travel.

A trendy hostel in the heart of Miami Beach --how has no one thought of this before?

Developer Andrew Zobler is the C.E.O. behind Sydell Group (responsible for bringing the Ace Hotel to New York) and is the man responsible for bringing huge changes in the way hospitality works to Miami Beach. Quoted as calling his new endeavor a “game-changer,” the Freehand Miami Beach is hospitality for a new generation of travelers.

Enlisting the design team behind the Ace Hotel New York, Roman & Williams, what used to be the old Indian Creek Hotel will see a renovation of 60 rooms, the interiors offering a seaside sleep away camp environment.

Most rooms will sleep eight in bunk beds, many will sleep four and there will be a handful of private rooms available. All rooms will come equipped with sheets, pillows, and basic amenities, something not always offered or expected within hostels.

Zobler visited many hostels both in the states and abroad, honing in on the specific atmosphere that he felt differentiated a hostel from any ordinary hotel. He found that people traveling within hostels had a desire to interact with one another, making friends along their travels.

In keeping with his vision of travelers coming together and forming friendships, the hostel will also offer a vegetable garden, swimming pool, and even art classes!

Best of all, and sure to have locals raving, neighborhood favorite bar the Broken Shaker will experience a rebirth at its poolside location within the Indian Creek Hotel. Adding fuel to the fire, bar owners have also made public plans to open a restaurant featuring an upstairs lounge in a neighboring house.

Rooms are now available for booking at around $50 a bed and the Freehand Miami Beach is set for a November 1 opening, just in time for Art Basel Miami.