Attention Night Animals: Casting Call for Nightlife Fiends
Want to be on a nightlife focused reality show?

Calling all night crawlers! If you love to party, are out and about, or serving NYC's trendiest crowds, it's time to listen up. An award-winning television production company based right in New York City is partnering with a major cable network and working on an exciting new documentary series that could feature YOU! The series will tell the story of NYC through the eyes of its city dwellers who are on the job or out socializing between the hours of 3-5am, highlighting the unique ways and real life events through which the city comes to life at night.

To be considered—or to nominate others—please send an e-mail to midnightshiftcasting@gmail.com with the following information (if you are nominating someone, please include both your information & theirs):

Your full name, age [for verification purposes], occupation, and typical shift (e.g. 10 pm – 8 am, etc.)    

City and state of residence    

Brief description of typical events that take place/kinds of personalities you encounter in NYC during the overnight hours

Why are you nocturnal? What is the most rewarding and most challenging part of your lifestyle?

A few [non-returnable] photos of yourself

Your best contact phone number(s), e-mails, etc.

Think you're an interesting nightlife character? Do you have a 'live on-the-edge' lifestyle? Whether it be club photographers, graffiti artists, scenesters, bottle servers, socialites and more, you can apply before the cutoff date on October 1st.