Gay Club in Austin Asks For Trouble
Kiss and Fly?

When I think of the American South, I think of hot temperatures, suffocating humidity, and sweaty, glistening bodies rhythmically writhing to house music in an ecstasy induced Sodom. You know what that means, boys: We’re going to a gay bar!

There has been a report straight from Austin, TX from someone who saw a sign that a Kiss and Fly was going to open in the Texas capital. The logo is the same, so DBTH assumes that it’s either a licensing agreement or identity theft. But, to add a twist to it all, Kiss and Fly Austin has labeled itself — unlike the NYC version — as “Austin's Only Gay Nightclub.” That probably means it’s not the same establishment.

Further investigation with our nightlife director (who hales from Texas) confirmed that the spot is the old Vicci (check out the site) who recently did report on it's closing. Website is promoting the soon to open Kiss & Fly. Hmm, Suspicious. The gay copycat plans to open on March 25, although a lawsuit may be in order.