Fast meets Furious
Car Maker Hyundai teams up with Re: Mix Lab to showcase three state of the art new vehicles

Last Thursday, we at Joonbug had the very chance to attend en exclusive Hyundai event presented by Re: Mix Lab at Chelsea Market.  The event showcased three very cool Hyundai models that would have even made Vin Diesel proud.  Party guests were treated to an open bar, DJ sets, product displays, hors d'oeurves, live music, and the chance to sit in and check out the three types of cars on display. 

Each car had its own sense of style, technology, art, and design.  DJ sound systems, video game units, social media connectivity, and full on chrome exteriors were all part of what the future of Hyundai cars will be bringing the public in the years to come. 

To reward guests, each patron was given a bracelet where-as they could visit a number of different digital stations and actually register to win through Facebook, one of the 3 cars on display.  We made sure to take advantage and register the max number of entries (you never know!).  While guests were not enjoying the cars on display, or taking part in the various technology demo's around the event, they were treated with live music from indie bands The Blonds, Skaters, and Opossum.  Each band brought their unique style and energy to the tightly enclosed event that kept the party moving throughout the evening. 

The Re: Mix Lab tour is a 4 month long showcase, hitting up 7 domestic cities in all.  The tour began in Chicago for Lollapalooza (26,000 guests in attendance) with NY having been their 2nd stop.  From here you will be able to catch the next installments in LA, Vegas, Seattle, Austin, and finally Miami.

For more information and upcoming dates, visit http://www.remix-lab.com