Festival Of Souls Demon Mansion Haunted House and Zombie Paintball Safari
The first annual Festival of Souls debuted October 4th at The Village of Gulfstream Park

I screamed so loud I could barely hear myself think!  The Festival of Souls Demon Mansion Haunted House is sure to leave you just as terrified and in a daze as you tremble from room to room.  Located in the Village at Gulfstream Park and running until Halloween night, the seasonal attraction features a 17 room, 8,000 sq ft labyrinth with several themed areas that include hell's kitchen, an exploding bathroom, the howling woman, and the spider room, among others.  In addtion to the Haunted Manson, Gulfstream Park is offering something totally unique to Halloween attractions in South Florida this year.  The zombie safari paintball hayride promises to be so realistically terrifying that one will feel convinced that the zombie apocolypse is upon us, and we must prepare for the invasion! Guests will take a trailer safari trip through 50,000 sq ft of "ruins" made to look like the aftermath of a post-apocalyptic city and shoot ultraviolet paintballs at the impending zombie ambush.

This chilling event will be full of entertainment, great food, drinks, games, and infectious music spun by the Resident Evil DJ Maximus 3000. Festival of Souls will make this Halloween one you will not soon forget!

Event Schedule

Thursdays and Fridays: 7:00PM - Midnight (5 hours or until line ends)

Fridays and Saturdays: 7:00PM - 2AM (7 hours or until line ends)

Monday Oct 29, Tuesday Oct 30 and Wednesday Oct 31: 7:00PM - Midnight (5 hours or until line ends)

October 27th: 6PM - 2AM, also featuring DJ Maximus 3000

October 31st: 6PM - Midnight, also featuring Safe Trick or Treating and DJ Maximus 3000

 For more event information visit: www.festivalofsouls.com