ORCHID Premieres in Miami
You're invited to the exotic pop culture infused cabaret show

Pleasure Garden Entertainment invites you to the U.S. debut of “ORCHID” in Miami. The exotic pop-culture infused cabaret, one of a kind entertainment show is set to premiere November 14th and Joonbug.com readers and fans will have the chance to take in the extraordinary performance for a mere $49 a pop compared to the standard ticket price of $79.

A contemporary throwback to the “pleasure gardens” of the 19th century, this hypnotic destination will fuse design, high-fashion, performance art, music and imaginative culinary creations. At the heart of Pleasure Garden is ORCHID, a seductive experience which mixes song, dance, burlesque, aerial acrobatics and variety arts all performed under a Cabaret Tent in Miami's Design District. The sexy experience is further enhanced by an exclusive food and beverage pop-up program developed by James Beard award winning chef, Michelle Bernstein.

ORCHID opens in an enchanting garden populated with strange, erotic creatures such as Poison Ivy, Honeysuckle Rose and the Bee Keeper. ORCHID, the perfect and beautiful creation of a reclusive and melancholic master gardener searches for happiness through worlds that are intoxicated by her beauty, mystery and sensuality. The audience becomes immersed into a fantasy that ignites all the senses.

To snag tickets or more information visit: www.orchidtheshow.com and enter "joonbug" to quote $49 offer or call 1.888.589.8934.