Three Spots to Check Out During March Madess

Now that you're donned in the appropriate sports attire, it's time to hunker down and watch the highly anticipated March Madness games. View the basketball games in style at posh sports lounge The 40/40 Club, get in on the action at Brookfield Place, or head to local watering hole Brother Jimmy's for some basketball madness. 

Jay-Z's The 40/40 Club always pulls out the big stops for sports enthusiasts, with over 30 flat screen TVs and luxe stadium seating. This upscale sports lounge is where to go if you're super serious about watching some b-ball. The club is offering multiple tournaments packages, starting with their 4 person package ($250+ ) which includes chips, salsa and guacamole, two buckets of beer, and two platters of food. To learn about bigger packages, or make a reservation, please call 212-832-4040.



Brookfield Place, formerly the World Financial Center, is celebrating March Madness with four days of live games broadcasting on the Winter Garden's jumbo screen. From March 20th-24th the games will air on the big screen beginning at noon. Additionally, a specially-built court will be open where adults and kids can join in on the fun with pick-up games, fun challenges and practice clinics for the wee ones. The full schedule of events can be found here...and it's free to all!



Ye olde faithful Brother Jimmy's won't let you down during the flurry of excitement that is March Madness. Not only do they have plenty of TVs to keep you entertained (average 40+ at each location), but they've  got awesome specials throughout the week. Mondays bring you all-you-can-eat wings and rib tips for $19.95, along with Bud or Bud Light drafts for 2 hours max. Saturdays can get you half price wings, $3 drafts and $12 pitchers of Bud or Bud Light, while Sundays boast all-you-can-eat rib feast (ribs, 2 sides, cornbread & Bud or Bud Light draft for 2 hours max) for just $27.95. Now that's what we call mad.