The Deadliest Weapon
Bullet Catch is the most infamous & dangerous magic trick of all time...what could possibly go wrong?

A mentally unstable man walks into a room full of strangers...thus begins Bullet Catch, a riveting show written and performed by Rob Drummond and directed by David Overend at 59E59 Theaters. The 75 minute show just had its US premiere and will be running through April 21st. The bullet catch is an infamous magic trick, so dangerous that Houdini himself refused to even attempt it. It has claimed the lives of at least 12 illusionists, assistants, and spectators since its conception in 1613. The trick goes as this—a volunteer is told to aim a gun at the magician's face and pull the trigger. If all goes well, the bullet will be caught between the magician's teeth. If all doesn't go well...well, you can imagine the mess. Rob Drummond tells the tale of this epic piece of magic, all while entertaining with mind reading, levitation, and heartfelt storytelling. The tension rises as the show draws nearer to the end and audience members are anxious to witness the show's notorious finale.

But this isn't just a show about magic tricks. Bullet Catch makes you think—and not just about how each trick or sleight of hand is performed—but about free will, a main theme in the show. Does anyone actually have free will? Can you make someone do something they don't really want to do (i.e. shoot a gun at someone's face)?  Perhaps the ultimate trick of all occurs in every day life. As Rob Drummond, aka William Wonder, recounts the tale of William Henderson, a magician who was killed while attempting the bullet catch, he makes the case that maybe it wasn't an accident he was killed after all. Maybe it was a brilliant suicide scheme. Can we ever tell what is real and what is an illusion? One thing is for sure. You will leave the theater both entertained and educated.

This intriguing show is a must-see and is only in New York for a limited time. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased here.

Trailer for Rob Drummond's Bullet Catch (2012) from The Arches on Vimeo.