Speakeasies Never Go Out of Style
There was no other place to be this weekend than at Prohibition NYC

If you thought time travel was only possible via a hot tub time machine, think again. Patrons of this past weekend's Prohibition NYC found themselves in the 1920s and all they had to go was travel to the Lower East Side. Brought to you by the chefs that hosted last year's Dine Titanic, Chef Rob McCue and Adam C. Banks payed homage to the roaring '20s and the birth of the cocktail party. Dressed to the nines in flapper attire or flap hats and suspenders, revelers approached the speakeasy and were welcomed (or unwelcomed) by both flapper girls and Prohibition picketers. 

Once you made it past the mob, you entered into a dimly lit speakeasy, where everyone looked and acted the part. Bathtub gin was being mixed in the entryway, all cocktails were served in coffee mugs (discretion is the name of the game), and hidden behind a mysterious bookshelf VIPs could taste fresh concocted absinthe and watch old black n' white flicks. 

While party goers downed specialty cocktails like the Sidecar and Blood & Sand, they were welcome to help themselves to charcuterie and passed hors d'oeuvres made by the celebrity chefs, including fried olives, asparagus soup, and more tasty treats inspired by the era. As if all that wasn't enough to convince everyone they were actually in the 1920s, there was also a fantastic jazz band turning out song after song, inspiring revelers to do the Charleston and get funky on the impromptu dance floor. With two amazing events in their pocket, we can't wait to see what McCue and Banks have in store for us next year!