Cinco de Mayo Survival Guide
What to include in your celebrations


On St. Patty’s Day we’re all Irish and on Cinco de Mayo we’re all Mexican. It’s that time of year to be Mexican again. Are you ready for tequilas, cervezas, fish tacos, and sombreros? Joonbug loves a well-made tequila cocktail and also loves sipping on some good tequilas. You can't beat a day of Mexican food, drinks, and culture as I’m sure many of you embrace on this festive day. Cinco de Mayo started with Mexican-Americans on the west coast celebrating democracy and freedom at the start of the American Civil War. So how do we survive celebrating the holiday? Well Joonbug doesn’t want you to just survive. We want you to relish. So here are some tips on what to include in your celebrations:

Margaritas, obviously, but not just any. Try some of the bangin’ recipes from Sauza Tequila for a delicious combination of flavors from pineapple lime cilantro to kumquat.

Fish tacos are the best kind of tacos. We don’t know why but fish tacos over any other type of taco seems fitting for Cinco de Mayo. Perhaps because the warm weather elicits a desire for seafood? Throw in some jalapenos and cilantro to add some sassy Mexican flavor to your day. Want even more Mexican flavor, try out these recipes!



Wear a sombrero. Not only will you protect your skin from sun, but you’ll be festive! Besides, we find that props are excellent conversation starters when you make new friends at bars so throw in a fake mustache or some maracas if you feel so inclined.

Most of all…enjoy you, enjoy the weather, and enjoy the company.