A Night of Beer, Laughs, and Aquatic Birds
Duck Duck Comedy Show at Goose Island Beer Company

When the weather gets warm and the Chicagoans emerge from their apartments like bears from caves and people flood in for the baseball games, Wrigleyville, the heart of Chicago's night life scene, comes alive with all the allure of a Florida beach town on spring break. Every year thousands of people will make the trip to Wrigleyville under the guise of seeing the Cubs, but every knows the real reason they're there is for the bars of Clark Street. This article is for all the bar crawlers who might be looking for a different way to party after the game. 



We were tipped off about a weekly comedy show at Goose Island. For readers in other cities Goose Island is Chicago's most famous local craft brewery. Going here gives you the benefit of having a diverse selection of quality brewed craft beers such as Green Line Pale Ale and Nut Brown Ale as well as a terrific food menu.

The comedy show is produced by a group called Duck Duck Comedy, and admission is just $5. If that perturbs anyone, we want to stress you're not paying to see an open mic. The producers of the show are very selective and make sure every comedian performing is a seasoned veteran of the Chicago comedy scene. All comedians have rather impressive resumes including sets at Comicon, Second City, etc. Remember the next Zach Galifianakis is out there performing somewhere, and it's always great to be able to say, “Yeah I liked him before he was famous.” Not only are there standup sets by comedians but each show is concluded by a musical act for a touch of variety.

So if you happen to be around Wrigleyville, say Thursday around 8:30 pm, and are looking for something just a little different stop in for the Duck Duck Comedy Show at Goose Island. The show is only 3 months old but can already boast audiences bigger than just about any comedy club in the city. The crowd is terrific and what better way to break the ice and initiate conversation with someone at the bar then “did you like the show?" Believe me, that works a whole lot better than showing them your blood test results even if you were clean.

For more information about the Duck Duck Comedy Show at Goose Island Beer Company, check out their Facebook page.