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Nitehawk Cinema presents Army of Darkness Beer Dinner














For many going to see a movie is a default acvitvity meant only for when there seems to be nothing else going on. Why fill up on overly buttered popcorn and drugstore candy varieties when you could enjoy a delicious three-course beer pairing dinner? Most of us would take the latter option over stale popcorn any day of the week. Thanks to Williamsburg’s Nitehawk Cinema's Beer Dinner program you can catch a screening of Army of Darkness on Wednesday, May 15th at 7:15 pm, while drinking five pints of Founders Brewing Co.'s craft brew and chowing down on dinner courses inspired by the film. With the premiere of the Evil Dead reboot being a recent box office smash, Evil Dead, and its subsequent sequels, will top everyone’s film list for the foreseeable future.

The Army of Darkness menu includes a first round of Founders’ Pale Ale during the opening scene of the movie to get you ready for the medieval action Ash is about to experience when he’s sucked into a time-travel vortex, sans hand, but with his Oldsmobile along for the ride, all the way back to 1300 AD. The three courses served during the meal are designed to enhance the viewer’s experience both visually, as they watch the oftentimes hilarious, gory, and comic book-style special effects-filled horror flick, as well as creating edible sensations. Courses include Ash’s Hand: Claws & Hands (lobster with Buddha’s hand vinaigrette) served with Founders’ Dirty Bastard, Ash vs. Evil Ash: Duo of Beef (short rib and hanger steak served with pomme and carrot puree) paired with a pint of Founders’ Double Trouble, and Darkness Approaches, a dark chocolate cheesecake served with a pint of Founders’ Curmudgeon Old Ale to wash it down. During the finale, moviegoers will enjoy a final pint of Founders’ Doom.

Tickets are $65 and includes tickets to the movie, a three course Army of Darkness-inspired dinner menu, and five pints of beer provided by Founders Brewing Co. To reserve your spot, head to the Nitehawk Cinema website for tickets and more details.

Must be 21+