ECON101: Drinking Cheap in Lincoln Park
A bar guide for DePaul students

In 2003 the Princeton Review declared that DePaul University students were the “happiest” students in the country, and it's not hard to figure out why. The campus lies right in the center of Lincoln Park, an area surrounded by great restaurants, thousands of spandex clad women, and a sh*t ton of bars!

The bars dotting the area around the campus are certainly part of what makes going to DePaul a unique college experience. It's not a house party school by any means. If you really want to dive into the school's social scene you have to get aquainted with the local bars, but Lincoln park has a reputation for being very very expensive and make no mistake, it is. There are however a number of bars only a few blocks from campus that offer not only terrific atmosphere but deals that allow even the most cash strapped students to get slushed.

Clarke's Bar and Grille

Located at 2445 N. Lincoln Clarke's is literally right around the corner from DePaul's Lincoln Park Campus. Clarke's bar is connected to the famous restruant that bares the same name. Not only will you find good drink deals here, you'll find excellent food as well, and an extremely friendly staff to boot.

Any night you stop in at Clarke's you'll find excellent deals, and that includes Friday and Saturday. On Fridays they offer $1 domestic bottles and $5 bombs. On Saturdays you can find $1 Rolling Rock cans and $3 Jameson shots, but the best deals are on Thursday. Thursdays Clarke's offers $3 pitchers of Bud, $3 you-call-its, and $3 Jameson shots! Not only that, but they set up beer pong in the back to give it that classic house party feel.



Halligan's is at 2274 N Lincoln right on the corner, just down the street from Clarke's on the other side of DePaul's Music Conservatory. This bar is known for having reasonably priced drinks and gorgeous bartenders. You will not be disappointed in either regard. Just like Clarke's Halligan's offers good deals on just about every day of the week. Wednesdays stand out with the offer of $3 EVERYTHING. On Thursday all bottles and domestic drafts are $2.50 and $3 Jameson shots are offered every day of the week. The only draw back is the lack of a kitchen, but on Lincoln Avenue there is plenty of food to be found.


Lion Head

Instead of a picture of the bar itself this picture was taken from Lion Head's own website, because if this is what goes on there you probably don't want to be the last to find out about it. Now this is really convenient, Lion Head is at 2251 N. Lincoln Ave. so you can easily stumble there from Halligans. Lion Head offers a wide array of deals on both drinks and food. Here are some of the standouts. On Mondays, not only do they offer $3 22 oz. drafts of Miller Lite but if you have just a little bit of extra coin you can get, are you ready for this? You can get a 10 oz. New York strip for $7.99! It doesn’t stop there. On Wednesdays you can get any kind of Bud bottle for $2.50, craft beer flights are $6, and the oh so delicious sliders are just $2. There's also a kind of night club upstairs called The Apartment, and FYI that's where the picture on the left was taken.



McGee's sits at 950 W. Webster Ave. and if you're an unemployed DePaul student you're going to want to know about this place. McGee’s not only offers some good deals including $1 Bud bottles on Thursdays and $5 large pizzas on Wednesdays but what really makes McGee interesting is what they offer on Fridays. You may want to sit down for this.

On Fridays from 6:30pm until 11pm the bar offers all you can eat and drink for $20! Please take a moment to check your pants.

For $20 you get unlimited tap beers and well drinks (some restrictions do apply) as well as a buffet of some pretty decent food that changes from week to week. One Friday you might find wings, maccaroni, fries, and the next Friday you might find a taco bar. Either way it will taste amazing after your fourth Hoegaarden and second gin and tonic.

So there you have it! Four awesome bars for DePaul students whose finances have been constrained by text books, tuition, and from having no time for employment (even though there's always time to party). The next time your friends want to hit the town and all you can scrounge up is a ten, a five, and a couple crumbled singles don't fret just check the list, and keep it handy...once those loans come due you'll be looking for ways to save money all over!