Go Above The Rooftop In Staten Island’s Trendy New Nightspot
Above The Rooftop set to take over the Staten Island nightlife scene.

They say Staten Island is the Forgotten Borough. The same could be said for the borough’s nightlife scene until now.  With the recent opening of Above Rooftop on the ninth floor of the Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island finally has an upscale, sexy and trendy rooftop nightspot to dance, enjoy a cocktail, have a private party or hang out for some after-work, happy hour relaxation.

The venue is large and has an amazing, upscale and trendy décor. From the moment you step off the elevator and onto the floor of Above Rooftop you are taken away from the Staten Island below and taken to a metropolitan, luxurious lounge fit for any big city’s nightlife. The huge main room is equipped with a huge TV screen, spotlights, an enormous liquor shelf and scores of glass bulbs covering the ceiling that all change colors harmoniously with each other to create an amazing aura unique to Above Rooftop. Below the enormous liquor shelf is an extremely long bar with plenty of bar stools and enough room for bartenders to take care of their guests quickly and efficiently. Those looking for bottle service should have no issue getting a table as the main room has plenty of comfortable leather sofas and tables scattered all around the room. If you’re looking to get away from the excitement and roar of the main room or just want to get some fresh air, you can head out to Above Rooftop’s beautiful outdoor terrace that wraps around the main room. The outdoor space is outfitted with heated cabanas for guests to relax and take in the great views and fresh air. There is even a private dining room inside for special events.

For those looking to sit down and share a bite to eat over a few drinks, Above Rooftop offers a tasty list of small plate items and specialty cocktails on its menu. The small plates menu includes delicious options such as Fried Calamari Agradolce, Tuna Tartare, Flat bread Pizza varieties, Tuna Sushi Rolls, Chicken Skewers, and much more. Food and drinks are all fairly priced, making Above Rooftop a rare upscale and chic rooftop location that won’t break your pockets.

After enjoying a bite to eat and drinking a few cocktails guests will be ready to dance to the soundtrack of the DJ, bumping hit after hit out of Above Rooftop’s amazing sound system. The crowd in Above Rooftop is sexy and beautifully diverse. Guests from Staten Island will no longer have to cross a bridge, pay a toll or pay for parking in the city when looking for a place to have a memorable night. Above Rooftop is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Fridays and Saturdays Above Rooftop keeps the party going until 4am. With its close proximity to both the Goethals Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing, Above Rooftop is also a great destination for NJ party goers looking for an awesome party and a sexy crowd that stays open later than the usual 2am of most clubs in the state.

Soon lounges in NJ and even NYC may be missing large portions of its Staten Island fan base. When they start to wonder where they all went, they can look to the bright lights shining above the Hilton Garden in South Avenues’ Corporate Park and maybe then they’ll remember Staten Island.

The Hilton Garden Inn's Above Rooftop is located at 1100 South Avenue, 9th Floor on Staten Island.