Rooftop Lingerie Pillow Fight Party!
Prepare for sexy, feathery mayhem at Social Exposure’s Lingerie Pillow Fight Party!

Some of our fondest memories are of sleepovers with friends, both platonic and sexual. Remember the first time you got to sleep over that incredibly hot guy or girls’ house? At the end of the night the girl would change into her sexiest lingerie and slide into bed and just when things seemed to be getting steamy, bam! She would whack you over the head with her pillow and an all out pillow fight would ensue. OK, maybe that never came remotely close to happening to you. But it could happen now at Social Exposure’s Rooftop Lingerie Pillow Fight Party at XVI Lounge! 300 guests will enjoy cocktails, mingle and pillow fight in their hottest lingerie and finest silk boxers and robes.

The event will have specialty-sponsored cocktails by Hammer+Sickle Vodka. Hammer+Sickle Vodka is an exceptional product, six times distilled and six times filtered. Made of 100% winter wheat, H+S Vodka blends smoothly for refreshing summer cocktails, perfect for consumption on a rooftop filled with sexy women in lingerie. Along with Hammer+Sickle, Social Exposure will collaborate with the Lingerie Alliance to put an official insider industry stamp on the evening. Founded by Moira Nelson and Luis Paredes, the mission of The Lingerie Alliance is to unite lingerie professionals from all aspects of the industry to elevate the industry as a whole. The Lingerie Pillow Fight Party will also feature young and talented local designer Sharon Fan of Rouge Seduire. “My line is inspired by New York architecture and Old Hollywood” describes Sharon. Rouge Seduire will preview a collection with samples and models at the event.

Social Exposure describes the purpose of the event as a means to not only fulfill every man’s dream, but to encourage creative, outside the box interaction by forcing active networking and activity that you don’t normally get to participate in. Yes, the event has a seductive side, but the main purpose is to spread a positive message of body awareness and sensuality where often times in a metropolis such as New York, social pressures can take a toll on the healthy mind.

Invited guests MUST attend in lingerie or sleep wear. Men and women are encouraged to bring their own pillows and at the peak of the night pillow fight will begin with an explosion of feathers, glitter and absolute mayhem! This is your chance to make your fantasy a reality. This will definitely be one party you won’t want to miss.  All guests must RSVP to attend. Information is below.

WHAT: The Rooftop Lingerie Pillow Fight—In collaboration with The Lingerie Alliance

WHERE: XVI Roof  top

WHEN: Wednesday, June 26th

TIME: 8pm to 1am

COST: $30 at the door

RSVP: rsvpsocialexposure@gmail.com

COCKTAILS: 8 to 9pm Hammer+Sickle Vodka

Click here to for the Facebook event page.