Brew and View at The Vic
Because beer makes movies better

Dinner and a movie is the quintessential date. Its a time honored tradition as old as the movie theater itself, and for good reason. It doesn't require much thought. It also protects against the possibility of you and your date ending up with nothing to do, which leads to boredom, which leads to you two realizing you don't have much to talk about, which leads to your date leaving. That is why dinner and a movie is typically a first date. People on first dates can rarely think of anything to talk about. That's whats so nice about the movie, it eats up a great deal of time and later you can say, “So what did you think of the movie?”

The Vic Theater, one of Chicago's most famous venues has found a way to improve upon this formula. They added drinks. Sure now a days there quite a few theaters that offer food, cocktails, and beer but you would be hard pressed to find one that's situated between Lincoln Park and Lave View, or one that has all the Vic charm.

The Vic Theater mostly known to concert goers hosts hundreds of events each year, and now they found a way to fill that down time, by offering what they have dubbed “The Brew and View.” The tickets are just $5 and that includes double or even triple features. They offer a variety of movies including the new box office hits as well as cult classics.

The Vic offers a variety of food and beverages, unfortunately though these are offered at concert venue prices. However, there is no need to fret. The good people at The Vic have offered a rather strange but welcome loophole for this. They don't allow food or drinks, but they encourage their patrons to have whatever they want delivered to the theater. In other words, if you don't want to pay the price just call Domino's and a liquor store that delivers and you're in business.

So check out what's coming soon, get down to The Vic, then make sure you have your phone handy so you can call somewhere that delivers.

You're welcome for the date suggestion.