A Weekend in Philly
Food, Music, and Festivals; Philly's Best for the Weekend!

Contrary to popular belief, Philadelphia isn't only famous for their steak and cheese; Philly is one of the country's most popular art and food festival cities around! And, if you're finding your own city is incapable of fulfilling your weekend needs at the moment then why not head to Philly for the weekend? Here are some of the best events happening this weekend:

Hidden City Festival!! HCF is an annual, 6-week long festival and exhibit of art hidden inside some of the city’s most forgotten spots. It’s not only an art show though; there will also be performances and events inside some of these ‘forgotten’ places. With 9 sites, 10 projects, and endless amounts of discovery, every Thursday through Sunday all day passes are only $20! Seeing as you may not cover every inch of this art dream in one day, a weekend pass is $40 and includes any tour, concert, and workshop within the festival. Click here to get your tickets and secure your spot for a face full of art. 

But, not everyone is artsy-fartsy enough to spend all day inside of an art site; some people want to party! Whether it’s a bar or a club, Philly has it and you’ll find it. Bamboo Lounge, located on 101 N. 20th St. has become one of the hippest hangouts inside of the PH club scene. Under a ceiling of bamboo, bartenders and waitresses with the suavest of suave get-up’s (thanks to designer Wade Blackmon), and DJs spinning nothing but the best in EDM, Hip-Hop and Reggae make this an absolute go-to every weekend. Also, another fun hangout is the Tattooed Mom on 530 South St.; especially when looking for an ‘out of the norm’ mod/hip spot to just kick back with a $1 Pabst. This 2 level, bar-on-each-floor establishment is definitely a Philly hotspot, more than ever on the weekends!

Hungry? Well, it may not be dinner time and you may have just had lunch at one of the million chomp sites, but there’s always room for something cold, sweet and NEW! Located at 4th and South, brand new Lil’ Pop Shop opened Wednesday at 12pm on the dot and will knock your socks off with a few of the weirdest, yet best flavors inside their anything-but-typical popsicles, like goat cheese with blackberries and honey and even a Vietnamese coffee popsicle. Be the first to tell your buds about the unheard flavors on 4th and South.

Goin’ Goin’, back back, to Philly Philly...