Social Exposure Announces Its First Destination Naked Painting Party
Social Exposure's famed Naked Painting Party Gets A World Tour!

Social Exposure has held eight Naked Painting Parties. All wildly successful, while pushing the envelope on sexiness and class. They have managed to allow young, confident adults to enjoy and express themselves with fun, like-minded individuals in a party setting that always manages to provide a good time. Always trying to find new and provocative ways to out-do themselves, Social Exposure has decided to take their Naked Painting Party on a world tour with its first stop being the beautiful Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico's Riviera Maya!

Enjoy a four day all-inclusive vacation August 15th-18th at Hidden Beach Resort, the only luxurious all-inclusive nudist resort in the Mexican Caribbean. Consisting of 42 beachfront suites, Hidden Beach Resort is a secluded adults only property that lies on a stretch of white sand beach offering amazing views of the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Hidden Beach Resort is a 5-star luxury hotel where guests can expect nothing but the best service, cocktails, food, and treatment. It is easy to see why Sally Golan, founder and executive producer of Social Exposure, chose this beautiful location for their ninth Naked Painting Party. "This is the perfect partnership for so many reasons," says Sally. "Hidden Beach Resort is the perfect meld between upscale elegance and edgy, tasteful fun. The Naked Painting Parties have always been about breaking down barriers and artistic freedom and now we will get the chance to spread this mission across boarders.”

In the past some of the younger, sexier crowd may have passed on a nudist resort thinking it would be filled with a bunch of elderly folk enjoying their golden years. This should not be a concern for party-goers thinking about enjoying a fun, sexy, edgy vacation in the Mayan Riviera with a Naked Painting Party. A quick google images search of previous Naked Painting Parties and other Social Exposure events unveils an exciting, attractive crowd that would have any man or woman wanting in on the next soiree. Those thinking about attending can also join the official Destination Naked Painting Party Facebook page and check out who is going, look at photos of the resort, and get updates on the event. "The idea behind the event is to attract a younger clientele," stated Barnett Bailey, COO of Go Classy Tours. "Trends are changing in the 'Au Naturel' world; we are now seeing a younger crowd filling this market segment." If guests feel they want a break from the 'nudist' culture at Hidden Beach, guests will have access to El Dorado Seaside Suites, a sister hotel of HBR where clothing is mandatory. El Dorado boasts a top of the line spa, six restaurants, beachfront property, and is gourmet inclusive. With 3 days at the resort, besides the actual Naked Painting Party which takes place on Saturday, August 17th, there will be plenty of time for guests to relax, roam the properties, and enjoy the beach.

If you're still undecided where you plan on vacationing or doing this summer, Social Exposure's Destination Naked Painting Party is an event that will leave you with memories and stories you will never forget. It gets really hot in the summer, why not go to a Caribbean beach, get naked, and paint each other all the while dancing to great music with sexy people?

Attending guests will have access to a limited time offer of 25% off regular rates at HBR using Promo Code: HBRSE13. The booking window runs from May 29th until August 1st. Call 866-527-4762 or visit Hidden Beach Resort's website to book your arrangements.