Alternative Chicago
Exploring Chicago's Dark Underground

If it weren't for the bold red arrow with the name NEO painted on the alley wall next to the bisected manikin you probably wouldn’t even know it was there. The literal writing on the wall peaks your curiosity and sends your intimation running wild. You walk down the alley to the back of the building where there’s a large metal door. You almost expect someone to ask you for “the password.” Once inside your senses are instantly overwhelmed by flashing lights and industrial music. As you being to adjust and regain control of your cognitive faculties you realize you have arrived at one of Chicago’s hottest spot for the underground, the alternative, and the strange.

On any given night under the revolving lights are dozens of tatted and pierced bodies swaying to the music of whatever band or DJ was booked that night. Neo's patrons will never cease to amaze you with their elaborate attire that often looks like it was done by Hollywood's best costume designers. Neo's prides itself on being a place “where the drinks are strong and music is a way of life.” Truer words were never spoken. Most of these people you will not see around the office...they are a collective from the dark underground of Chicago and they make Neo's a truly unique and memorable experience.

If you decide to take a step out of the ordinary and try Neo's you should check out their event calender. The clubs hots a wide array of shows ranging from musical acts, to Gothic burlesque, as well as different themed nights that encompass everything from the macabre to the erotic to the erotically macabre. Specials are usually accompanied by half way decent drink specials that include things like $2 PBRs or discounted well drinks. Also keep in mind sometimes cover charges can be waived if you don a costume inline with that nights theme! Which could be anything from vampires to superheros. The club is also open till 5am making it a perfect final destination. If you've been at it that long you're ready for anything.

For the most part Neo's is for a certain kind of crowd, but it's never a bad idea to try something new. Every once in a while you have to break the mold and do something outside of your normal experience. Even if you're a bit intimidated at first be assured people are people and they're only there to drink and dance just like anywhere else. Also you have to admit sometimes these crazy outfits can be sexy as hell.