Rooftop Night Spot
Going rooftop at Plymouth

It can get awfully quiet downtown on Friday night. The commuters leave in a mass exodus around 6 in what seems like a ghost town. Most of the stores close, and many of the little lights that make up the city's iconic skylight go out, but if you make your way east, you can find some pockets of life, some sanctuaries of fun if you will. You don't have to go to the Yacht club, the Hancock, or some other palace in the sky where the city's elite rub elbows at night, no, there is a place where even the common man can have a good night downtown. This downtown night spot of the proletariat is, of course,  Plymouth Bar and Grill.

The lights of Plymouth are like a shinning beacon on the street where everything else has gone dark for the night. You can hear the noise of the hopping rooftop bar from the end of the block, and it draws you towards it like sirens calling to the lonely sailor of a ship.

It's a huge space that’s divided into three levels. When you walk in the first level you see is the diner. There’s not much to say about it. It's a rather casual looking diner, and besides they close that part early anyway, but rest assure the kitchen is still open!

The real attraction at Plymouth is the rooftop bar, that on a summer night provides a nice breezy spot overlooking some of the city's most famous landmarks. Of course, the walls are lined with TVs playing that night's big game, the music bumping from the sound system pours out onto the streets below, and the waitresses are serving “giraffes,” otherwise known as towers of beer.

The rooftop is open year round, and they make sure to keep it heated in the winter without shutting it all up. In the summer, a number of fans, and the occasional misting from automated sprinklers similar to what you find in the produce section of grocery stores, keep things relatively cool. The plants by the tables and strings of lights running across the ceiling creates a festive, yet relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a sea side bar in Florida, while the large mural on the wall, containing the likeness of such Chicago greats as Bernie Mac, Michael Jordan, and Joe Mantegna, remind you that you're partying in the windy city. At night the place really fills up, and the city's single will have no problem finding someone to flirt with over a martini here. Also worth mentioning is the rooftop's small isolated balcony where you can light up a cigarette without having to go all the way downstairs.

There are nightly drink specials which are pretty decent considering it's in The Loop. For example, Thursday's domestic bottles are $3 and apple martinis are $5, and Friday's are $4 Blue Moon pints and $5 pomegranate martinis. There are also plenty of food specials including 6 wings for $2, and $1 tacos. If you're not feeling the specials, the food menu is huge and very reasonably priced. Unlike McDonalds, they have the decency to serve breakfast all day and have special breakfast items that are just $5.99! They have dubbed it “the cheap-ass breakfast menu”.

If you're looking for a spot in the loop to get your drank on and your game running, hit up Plymouth. Their signature rooftop bar is a slice of affordable luxury and a cool summer destination.