Final Fantasy Becomes a Reality
Vinyl Fantasy returns on Friday, July 19th

The final countdown is on, with only one day to go until the Vinyl Fantasy graces our senses for its fourth installment with NYCR. The upcoming event will be held in The Electric Warehouse, Brooklyn, and with 2,230 people already attending on Facebook, this is set to be the ultimate rave of summer!

Just think, 36 DJs spinning a range of EDM on 3 massive stages, a laser lightshow and super sounds by Supreme Sounds and Dreambeamz, a floating airship, a DJ competition, Final Fantasy themed drinks and food, a silent disco battle arena, and more for those brave enough to attend the hardest party of the year!

The impressive line-up of DJs will also keep you raving till the very end, with EDM legends S-Factor, Udachi, Venom, and Reid Speed all headlining. Reid Speed is a world renowned DJ who specializes in electro, drum and bass, and dubstep. She hails from New York City, and since her skills thrusted her into the underground sounds of speed garage she has gathered listeners for coveted events hosted by Direct Drive, Camouflage and Stuck On Earth. She first signed with Breakbeat Science in 2001, and has since toured worldwide amassing fans due to her diverse DJ sets.


The venue which will hold such a remarkable event is a 10,000 sq. ft. premier Brooklyn hotspot which waspreviously a trolley repair station. This warehouse has a main dance floor of 5,000 sq. ft., an upstairs loft which contains four balconies overlooking the main dance floor, as well as the giant gated parking lot area. The eagerly anticipated event is sponsored by Kikwear, which debuted its clothing line in 1992 and has since become the go-to store for anything hot on the EDM and Rave party scene, so if you're looking the kit yourself out in the most stylish rave attire Kikwear is the place to go. Known for their extraordinary line-ups, the NYCR DJ list doesn't end there. The event will also feature a variety of other well-known DJs such as Cutman, Rockman, Hardcore Invaders, Jet, Telepathic Frequency, Might Mike Saga, Audiophile, Dirty Dan, Blackdaddy, Ajaxbeats, Dr Suds, Hocus Pocus, Racist Bunny, Gaby Noodle, Cat Wolf, Sprite, Magick Report, Kevin Carpet, and DJ Nesher, with host MC’S Mastachief and MC Psychadelic. And since the majority of the budget was spent on production, you can expect a pretty spectacular show as the main stage will be a Mako Reactor, which are enormous fictional reactors created by Shinra Electric Power Company in Final Fantasy VII.

The event will kick off at 8pm July, 19 and will continue blasting the best in electronic dance tunes until 4 am July, 20, with the remaining tickets purchased here.  

Located at 1428 Fulton StBrooklyn, New York, the closest subway stations are either the A/C train to Nostrand Av, C train to Kingston Av or LIRR Nostrand Av Station.

Check out their video below!