Death From Above
and death on the dance floor!

Prepare yourselves, for tonight is a disco rager the likes of which can only be thrown at one of the best clubs in New York City and feature two of the most revered DJs in not only the New York area, but the country as well. Kicking off at 10 pm, tonight's version of Input, at Brooklyn club Output, features disco house guru Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks heading off with DFA labelmate, owner, and living legend James Murphy, of LCD Soundsystem fame. Normally, the venue for an event would not be mentioned beyond a name, but special mention has to be given to Output, which features stacks of Funktion One speakers that are sure to provide the crispest yet still thumping sounds you have ever experienced in the live setting.

Onto the music, though! It's hard to say much about ANYONE on DFA Records that has not been said already. Founded in part by James Murphy, the man behind all of LCD Soundsystem, DFA features renowned producers and DJs such as The Juan Maclean, The Rapture, and tonight's duo of Dr. Dunks and James Murphy. Duncan spins what can only be described as "dance music," featuring various genres such as jungle, house, and disco, it's hard to put too much of a label on his style. However, whatever he is spinning is guaranteed to make your body move and gyrate all over the dance floor. Partnered up and switching off with James Murphy, whose decidedly disco feel has thrown some absolutely legendary sets, including the recently revered DFA 12th Anniversary party through Red Bull Music Academy, tonight is going to be one for the ages and definitely something you do not want to miss.

Check out some of tonight's tunes above, including the instantly legendary DFA 12th Anniversary set by James Murphy, and we hope to see you there!