Bounce With It
Bounce Boat summer 2013

We all love going to a good party in the city. But sometimes, even better than a party in the city is a rave on a boat overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Bounce Boat is the World’s Premier Dance Cruise and an experience that is not to be missed. However, don’t let the name fool you. 210 feet long, fitted with a fully sound- integrated LED light system, state of the art sound system, and three spacious floors, Bounce Boat is measurable only to likes of a yacht.

On July 19, Bounce Boat set sail on the Hudson River for another jam-packed, debaucherous five hour party! And with Mother Nature on its side, it was sure to be an unforgettable night filled with the best new music, tons of drinks, and the sexiest people in NYC.

On such a night, a long line to get onto the boat was to be expected, but worth the wait. Once on the boat, over 1,000 eager party goers rushed to the dance floor and the four bars on board. There were twelve different DJs placed around the ship—including the sundeck! This was a great detail for those who preferred the idea of roaming around the floating vehicle as opposed to staying in one location: wherever they went, there was a party going on. A few of the on-board DJs included KDrew, Ace Alvarez, and Gina Marie—all who are some of the hottest, most talented DJs on the scene.

A special treat was given to the “bouncers” when EDM talent, BAMBI, made a guest appearance. Electrifying the crowd with her show stopping skills, she was accompanied by two of The Dream Lab robots who lit up in neon colored flashing lights to the rhythm of her beats. They blew smoke onto the dancing crowd, creating a mix of foggy, rhythmic euphoria.

Like all good things, the night had to come to end, but the ship docked early enough for patrons to continue their wild night. However, with the extraordinary experience of Bounce Boat in their hearts and on their minds, they knew that nothing else would be able to compare. I can’t wait for the next Bounce Boat on August 23rd!