Peddle Through the Bronx
Join Tour De Bronx for a free bicycle tour not to be missed

Transportation Alternatives is gearing up for their annual free bicycle tour, but get thier early on the day of the event because online registration is officially closed. "Tour De Bronx" is the name of the bicycling excursion that will be held in The Bronx following a music festival that will ensue after the bicycling tour.


 The Bronx is home to many historical places such as the Yankee Stadium; infamously referred to by quote as “the house that Babe Ruth built.” The Bronx is homeland to New York City’s largest park -- Pelham Bay Park; which is about three times the size of the renowned Central ParkThe Bronx Zoo is actually the largest urban zoo in America and now New York State’s largest free cyclist event takes place in the Bronx too.


Immerse yourself in the surrounding aesthetics as you peddle through the Bronx. Enjoy a fun workout as you shed those pounds while exploring different neighborhoods and prominent Bronx Landmarks. This event encourages tourism in the Bronx, but the overall idea is to bring awareness to cycling as a transportation option and to promote the health benefits that come along with bike riding in New York City. Bicycling helps to improve cardiovascular functions, burns calories, makes a fun exercise, and reduces air pollution. Join other cyclist on this adventure and have a good time discovering The Bronx while you’re at it.


 Checkout Tour De Bronx event page for more information on this particular event and Transportation Alternatives website to see how their efforts are making a difference in New York City. Follow Transportation Alternatives on Twitter or Instagram for instant updates regarding street life in NYC.