The Hot List
A bunch of hot clubs open, reopen, and transform old spaces into hot new joints for this fall


The Darby

A clause dispute has caused owners to transform a once luxury supper-club into a full-scale nightclub. The Darby, which used to serve such celebrities as Jay Z and Leonardo DiCaprio, will be moving from its original West 14th Street location to make way for one of New York's highly anticipated hotspots. In its place will be the still unnamed club which features two floors, bottle service, live musical performances, and an upscale clientele, much in the likes of its previous incarnation.

Verboten Club
If you think Williamsburg has too many nightclubs, think again. One of NYC's most popular dance music and club promoters will be building a mega-club. With two rooms, the venue will be able to house more than 700 bodies in total, and the company expects their "techno programming" to attract "music fans, Europeans, hipsters, freaks, party girls and industry types" all under one roof.

Gilded Lily

Opening in the same address as the deceased Crisco Disco club, this new hotspot will be sharing a location with French brasserie Monarch. There are not many details available about this venue yet, but it has been confirmed that one of the people involved is Eric Marx, the man who ran the ultra-exclusive club, Tenjune, which was frequented by a pre-meltdown Britney Spears.

 Diamond Horseshoe

Real estate tycoon Aby Rosen is putting $20,000,000 behind the reopening of a club that has been out of commission for more than sixty years. In addition, "Sleep No More" playwright Randy Weiner is also behind its reopening.

Louie and Chan

This 65-seat restaurant and 125-person club is finally due to open after nearly two years of planning. It is comprised of two adjacent storefronts on Broome St. Based on eye witness accounts, things seem to be shaping up very quickly for this venue. 

Tao Downtown

Rumored to have two club rooms including a 2,000 square-foot exclusive lounge, Tao Downtown is rumored to be opening on September 14th. No official confirmation has yet been made.
Satsky Gefter 28th Street
The Provocateur founders are building a new, 11,000 sq ft hotspot in the middle of Manhattan. With a room this size, they also hope that this space will be able to cater to more than just DJ sets and jetsetters. 
Space New York

Club organizers hope to redeem their originally defunct plans to introduce a US version of UK's Sankeys by using the same 50th St. location for a new nightclub. This new club will be a whopping 13,00 sq ft and if the  rumors are true, DJ and producer Carl Cox may emerge as its ambassador. 
Melrose Ballroom

Opening in September (hopefully), this huge venue is made for live performance. Along with regularly performing Greek musicians, the ballroom will also host club nights. However, the real cherry topper will be their rooftop dinner and drink service.