EyeParty and Bad Kids Clothing host NY’s First EDM Pop-Up Shop!
This past weekend Retail Raving became NY’s first one stop shop for all your raving needs

This summer, EDM festivals in the US were so popular, event organizers started charging $1,000 for a one day ticket. Ok so that is a bit of an exaggeration, but even if they did, they still would have possibly sold out. The point here is, EDM has become big business and with millions of party-goers attending these events annually, you would figure there would be a one-stop shop for ragers to purchase everything they need for the next festival or rave. Well, up until this past weekend, there hasn't been. EyeParty and Bad Kids Clothing, along with a host of other major brands in festival fashion, teamed up to create Retail Raving, an awesome two-day pop-up shop at Libation in the Lower East Side.  

This past Saturday Joonbug had a chance to stop by Retail Raving to see what the pop-up shop had to offer, and we left extremely impressed. Upon entering the room where the pop-up shop was being held, you immediately felt like you were at a mini rave. There was a full bar serving up any drink you could want and DJs spinning all the hottest EDM tracks. They even had a little laser show going on for a full effect. Krystal Spencer was in the house taking photos of the party. Adding to the atmosphere were guests dressed in their best raver gear, shopping and raging to the music. Of course in between shuffling and drinking, guests stopped by one of the many tables selling top of the line raving gear. 

Brandy Alexander’s Rave Attire had a table selling all types of flower bras and such, all their proceeds going to amputees in need.

Dress for the Drop had wigs in an assortment of colors.

Wear the Party were selling t-shirts with awesome prints that glow in the dark, perfect for parties with LED lights.

C4 Belts had cool neon belts in all different colors.  The belts are made an eco-friendly material, thermoplastic elastomer or TPE. TPE is soft enough for human use but durable enough to be used as tread in snowmobiles. Because of the material, the belt can be easily cut to size if you lose weight and won’t get ruined by moisture or wear.

That Madonna Girl had her wildly popular flower halos on hand as well as sunglasses and flower print hats.

EyeParty was selling their cool glasses which turn any party into an incredible visual experience. Along with their glasses they also were selling Electric Family bracelets as well as Dicks Cottons hats and sunglasses.

Bad Kids Clothing had a table full of their immensely popular t-shirt and tank tops.

Divvydown was also in attendance, telling guests all about their awesome new alcohol and party supplies delivery company. Here’s how it works: you order your alcohol and party supplies online and have them delivered. The party can then begin…genius! If you’re planning your party and want your friends to BYOB you can even make a list to share with your guests. Anyone who’s invited can buy items off the list and all purchased items will be delivered to your door.

As you can see, the Retail Raving pop-up shops really do have everything you can ever want for your raving needs. Plus, what can be better than shopping for your raving gear while partying to great music by some of NY’s best up-and-coming DJs? Additionally, each participating brand will be donating 10% of sales to three charities: UNICEF, Unlock Foundation, & A Leg To Stand On.The Retail Raving pop-up shop this past weekend was not only a success but may be a peek at what’s coming for NY’s first ever raver gear retail shop. Its been long overdue.