Tonight: Brooklyn's BEAT Festival Kicks off at Brooklyn Museum
Get a taste of Brooklyn's finest in performing arts



Powerful.  Eclectic.  Affordable.

The best of Brooklyn's artistic scene assembles tonight at 7pm with live performances at the Brooklyn Museum, and continues in various venues at unbeatable prices (some events are free, some have reasonable ticket prices).  Come sample modern dance, interactive performances, and classical voice at one of five performance spaces during this festival that is sure to be a feast for the senses.

If you are an audience member who likes to sit by while an artist toils onstage, struggling to bring his piece to life, then you are in for a shock.  Brooklyn artists are notorious for bucking artistic conventions, and this festival is all about you, the viewer, the audience member.  You are an active participant in your own artistic experience; the fourth wall has been stripped away.  The effect is the smallest amount of space between the viewer and the artist, creating a communion between man and art.

It is a rare thing to have so many luminous and diverse artists in one place, so there is sure to be something in it for everyone.  If you love dance, then you can go check out Storyboard P and Israeli dance troupe Leesar The Company.  If you can't get enough of classical music, then listen to Nicholas Tamagna's melodic vocal arrangements.  The venues themselves provide an amazing backdrop to the mutable works of art.  From the Brooklyn Museum to Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope, these classical Brooklyn testaments to architechture are housing these incredible pieces of art.

Brooklyn's BEAT Festival is only in its second year, but its flexible scheduling and A-list artists are sure to make the festival a hit and will lay the trackwork for its staying power.  Be sure to make at least one of the performances--you won't regret it.

WHAT: Brooklyn's BEAT Festival

WHEN: September 12, 7pm

WHERE: The Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway