Red Bull Canvas Cooler
The 1896 for Red Bull’s Canvas Cooler Project New York

Bushwick was the place to be last night as artists and scenesters packed into The 1896 for Red Bull’s Canvas Cooler Project New York. Earlier in the week, 20 handpicked, New York-based artists, were given a challenge to transform a blank, canvas-wrapped Red Bull Cooler into an inspired work of art, and last night, hundreds showed up for the public showcase.

Red Bull knows how to throw a party. The entire evening was a visual treat-- not to mention the great music by DJ Mess Kid and DJ Cougarskin, the wood-fired pizza, and two full bars (stocked with Red Bull, of course)! Guests grabbed a drink and mingled over the art, which never lost its place as the centerpiece of the event.The New York exhibition is the fifth in this national art tour of six cities. By combining social media, local industry and a no-boundaries stance on art style, this forward-thinking art tour has set a new tone for taking local artists communities and placing them on a global platform. The final exhibition and competition before the group show at SCOPE Miami Beach will be hosted in Atlanta on October 17.

The two artists selected by judges were ICY & SOT and Michael Anderson. Additionally, two social media contest winners will be added to the pool of social media winners from each market. They will join twerps!  and Brian Kirhagis, the 2 selected artists from each market, at SCOPE Miami Beach 

Story and photos by Kaitlin Rebesco