B & Co's Exclusive Debut
A traditional club on an intimate level

Nestled between two sprightly green bushes at 14 East 58th Street sits the new restaurant and bar B&Co. Max Burgio, the private club owner, set out to establish a venue concept with a European style ultrachic-haven in mind. B & Co includes an 85-seat capacity on the first floor, a lounge area where customers can order off small-plate menu on the second with capacity of 100 seats and 250 stand, and a private club on the third with capacity of 50 seats and 100 standing.

Burgio collaborated with architect, Marcello Pozzi to create a contemporary mediterranean design with his use of mirrors, warm wood trims, and a striking marble bar. World-renown artist Marco Glaviano also provided his one of kind artwork featured throughout the club.

Upon entrance we were met with a red lit, vibrant ambience with table side service from friendly catering staff, ready and happy to explain away the extensive menu selections. We enjoyed various hors d'oeuvres from the kitchen like piping hot cheese puffs, mini pizzas, and creamy tuna-spinach biscuits toasted to crisp perfection. Slow, sultry tunes spilled from hidden speakers, while the attentive bartenders whipped up decadent cocktails, poured wine, and popped champagne.

If you’re looking for a local midtown crowd that’s ready to let their hair down over a few drinks and laughs, B & Co could be your new hot spot. This is a bar that boasts chill vibes in a sophisticated atmosphere making it all the more accessible to the savvy New York elite. Relax at B & Co lounge before and after your dinner drinks. Cheers!

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