Banksy Art Spotted for $60 !

Sensational British street artist, Bansky, has only been in New York for a month, and has, during his stay,  promised to produce atleast one work of art per day, all to be seen on the city streets. His work is masterfully excecuted and visually stunning, and something that is not to be missed. 

The artist held a suprise pop-up boutique this past Saturday, October 12,  on Fifth Avenue near Central Park, and only three out -of -towners were really lucky in scoring their pieces.    The elusive artist managed to document the surprise sale on video, which he has posted on his webite. New Yorkers walked by the canvases, not realzing that some pieces, normally priced at  $31k, were on sale for ONLY $60. Only three lukcy new yorkers walked away with such a steal. 

 “A lady buys two small canvases for her children, but only after negotiation a 50 % discount,” Banksy noted on the video.

 Half an hour later, a A New Zealand woman bought two of the pieces, paying $120, and earning a kiss from the man selling the art.

Following with a Chicago man "that just needed to fill up wall space".

 Unfortunatley, this was a one time thing & Banksy wont be pulling the stunt again.