New York Survived the '#Storm'
Electric Flurry "World's Largest Foam Party" Review - October 19



A whirling and swirling 'Blizzard' of foam took over Club Amazura this past saturday night in Jamaica, Queens.  Doors opened at 9pm for the nationally-reconginzed Electric Flurry Tour and the space quickly began to overflow with music-enthuasts and party-goers alike.

The venue itself (Club Amazura) set the tone for what would be a thrilling and exciting experience.  The Roseland-Ballroom-of-Queens sports an enormous dance floor, positioned between two elongated bars on both sides of the room.  The room itself vast in size was nothing compared to what could be seen on stage as attendees entered the venue.  A massive Foam-Blasting Cannon was placed in the center of the stage which would be the focal point of the most anticipated moment of the night.

Opening performances got the party started, but it was ultimately New York's very own CAMARDA, who initiated the Foam Countdown and orchestrated a flawless set with non-stop crowd hype. Once the drop hit, and the foam was released, you could feel the massive energy and enthusiasm of the entire venue as the crowd jumped in synchronization with CAMARDA. The sight was an awe-inspiring moment complete with lasers, CO2 explosions, euphoric dance music, and of course, an over-abundance of foam. Electric Flurry's Production Manager did not hold back for this particular event, in the same manner that he hasn't for various other tours, such as Skrillex and GTA.  The countdown anticipation was nothing like that was ever seen before.  The Storm just kept coming with no end in sight as did the dancing and the assortment of outfits and colors that attendees were dressed in. The party was headlined by national touring artists DANK and Lazer Disk Party Sex

 Foam and dance music weren't the only activities one could engage in at the event.  Italian Ices could be brought to cool down party-goers down after lighting up the dance floor courtesy of NY SCOOPS (A.K.A. #COOLSUPPLIERS).  If attendees forgot any of their EDM party accessories at home all they'd have to do is head over to the Justthevibe stand to pick up a wide variey of items (LED Gloves, Clothing etc)

Stayed Tuned for all future Electric Flurry tour dates.  Where will the"The Storm" hit next?

The party was brought to you by Electric Flurry "The World's Largest Foam Party", Kazi Sorrentino, Zee Black and Vanity Tour.

The entire event was photographed by Razberry Photography