Event Preview: Warehouse of Horrors
Halloween, Brooklyn-style

Fresh off their award for Best Promoter of 2013 from Paper MagazineBangOn!NYC is back for another night of ghosts 'n' stuff at their annual Halloween party, Warehouse of Horrors! This Saturday, October 26, from 9pm to 6am (perhaps after you're done swimming in the ocean of white at Sensation), get ready to explore 40,000 ft2 of Brooklyn warehouse filled to capacity with a diverse set of sensory stimulants, much like a zealous trick-or-treater's pillow case after a long night of confection accumulation. Grab your tickets here ahead of time and put the extra $10 you'd spend at the door towards one of their speciality cocktails. This party's going off at 299 Meserole Street near the Montrose L stop. 

The event curators have assembled a cornucopia of DJs to fill out their three stages and silent disco, a setup reminiscent of their 3D Festival which took place this past summer. You can preview their respective beats on their SoundClouds linked in the event description. Here, I'll focus on the headliners performing on the Scream Stage.

From all the way across the pond, Alex Metric flew to deliver unto us his unique collection of uplifting vocal dance tracks. Check out his latest electro house anthem Safe With You with Jacques Lu Cont and Malin: 

In contrast, we have seasoned New Jersey native Just Blaze who'll be slinging everything from vicious trap wobbles to soulful deep house, all with his signature hip hop touch. Get ready to hear Revolvr show you why he deserves a slot in the big room with his hard-hitting dance sound honed in the swanky casino clubs of that epicenter of night life we call Sin City. Set aside your Beast Coast/Best Coast rivalry as G Jones massages your entire body with his laid-back Californian bass bonanza. To round things out, I hope you brought your moustache, flannel, and black-framed glasses; you'll need them for Blende's organo-robotic indie dance/nu disco jams that will transport you to a futuristic space station-cum-Studio 54 that is also in the 80s. 

(By the way, you may even get to catch BangOn!NYC co-founder Tim Monkiewicz DJing under his alter ego The Golden Pony!)

If you need a break from raging to the aural onslaught, there will be plenty of non-musical pleasures to accomodate you. Frequent BO!NYC collaborator Rochelle Eucalyptus (who's saloon installation you saw last year at Electro Rodeo) returns with a full-fledged haunted house complete with actors, trap doors, disorienting mirror play, and Diablo knows what else. If you just got paid and got a pocket full of change, strut on over to the Vendor Village to pick up some hip local art that's cooler than than a Banksy. Our favorite street car Korilla BBQ will be serving savory Korean food to keep you energized until the sun comes up and sends all of us vampiric nightcrawlers back to our coffin-esque apartments. If your candy consumption hasn't completely quenched the cravings of your sweet tooth, be sure to pick up an icy delight from NY Scoops. The Bosco Booth will help you capture that perfect photo of you and your friends in your carefully crafted costumes. Finally, make sure you head to the main room at 1 AM for what can only be described as a shocking surprise!

Fans of the House of Yes may be familiar with Lady Circus, purveyor of every circus act imaginable. She and her troupe will be performing acrobatics and suspension above the crowd, so be sure to look up! To whet your appetite, here's a small sampling of their electic talents:

BangOn!NYC have once again covered all their bases, ensuring an endless emission of engaging entertainment. As a reminder, you can purchase tickets here. If you see a guy dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog, running around and bouncing off the walls, be sure to say hi!  I'll see you (YOU!) at BangOn!NYC's Warehouse of Horrors!