Thursday Is Chicago's Warmup For Friday
Pre-Game and A Show At The Bar Celona

Just what is “pre-gaming”? After consulting a few highly respectable sources, such as  urban dictionary, we learned that, Pre-gaming: Consuming alcohol in smaller amounts before a bigger drinking event with the intention of easing yourself into a night of crazy fun. We are all familiar with its advantages: apply a little of the social lubricant while saving yourself considerable amounts of money. The only problem with pre-gaming is it's time away from the party. Well here's some good news. The Bar Celona, which sits right in the heart of Wrigleyville,  has a solution to your pre-game problem.

 The Bar Celona offers $1 dollar drafts and $5 dollar pitchers (its not advertised on the website), and on Thursday, is one of the city's busiest drinking nights. Now just think about how far that could go. $5 your buzzed,$10 you're drunk, and $15 you're making inappropriate phone calls.

Should you venture over to the Bar Celona you should check out the the basement bar. It's like walking into a whole new location without having to venture out into the cold. The room is recently renovated and serves as sort of an event space. It looks a little like the a cross between the bar from The Shinning and the room from the music video of the Blur song--the one just goes woohooo! Half of the room is painted a dark red, and set above red trimmed booths are a row of polished mirrors. In the center of the room is what looks like a stripper pole sitting on a wooden platform. In the back of the room the walls are painted a subtle gold with a pattern of black lotuses running across the surface. In short, it looks cool.

 Thursday nights the Bar Celona also hosts an outstanding comedy show. Drinks, laugher, and good times ensue.