Event Review: Chriss Vargas @Pacha 10/25
Chriss Vargas: Erotica

Friday was not the average night at Pacha New York. With several of the holiday events from Pier 94 being moved, Erotica became just what his fans wanted, a late night afterhours party.  Pacha opened their doors that night at 9pm for Laidback Luke, a strong opposite of the Erotica party that was set to begin at 3am.

 Arriving at the club slightly before 3am, the sound of hard electro can be heard thumping down 46th Street. While waves of the youth make their way out of the venue and can be seen waving foam “L” fingers and shouts of popular EDM lyrics echo down the block, the line begins to fill up with the usual after hour’s crowd.

 Once inside, the dance floor is still packed from the tremendous “LL” crowd. The opener for Vargas, Tom Swoon of Ultra Records did a tremendous job of blending the genres of the two parties, a hard task for and DJ.  Swoon came ready to show New York his talent with this performance, starting his set with several classic electro hits and mixing and blending his way to dark tech bangers, preparing the crowd for the start of Chriss Vargas.

 Chriss Vargas took control of the booth at 4am, starting with a brief vocal track intro and delivering the dark hard hitting beats his fans desired.  During the extensive tech filled set Party-Goers were kept entertained with an as always epic performance by Anthony LaMont, Pacha’s host. During the early morning hours Vargas was joined in the booth by Lisa Puree for a live performance of “Lost,” a track by New York City legend Roger Sanchez.

 When leaving the party around 7am, the dance floor was still packed with multiple dance circles scattered about the edges of the impressive crowd for this time. Erotica proved to be a quite popular event for the city that never sleeps, keeping bass blaring till after 10am Saturday morning. The next party thrown by Chriss Vargas is sure to be equally memorable.