Making sure your Costume is Kick A$$
NYC Halloween Hotspots and DIY's

comes but once a year. That being said, a great costume is a must! Superb costumes take creativity, time, effort, and money.  But let's face it, few of us have all of the aforementioned elements. So what do we do to avoid  looking like the love-child of Wolverine and Edward  scissorhands(pictured on the left)? 

Luckily we here at JoonBug are here to help!  We have complied a list of the best place to find a costume that would impress Heidi Klum herself....  Without further ado here's our favorite spots!

Ricky's NYC

Ricky's NYC has several locations around Manhattan, which makes them one of the most accessible ways to find the perfect costume. You can find all sorts of costumes,  as well as an assortment of accessories and props.  Prices are cheap and affordable.  They also have a wild variety of items if you'd like to get creative and DIY.

Ricky's biggest claim to fame is their Costume-Concierge service.  The program has Halloween-specialist come up with a unique and one of a kind costume for you based on your needs and budgets.  Appointments can be made with consultants and at some locations walk up are available.  Click here to view package levels and details.

Several Locations in the NYC area (check site to find one nearest you)

Abracadabra NYC

Abracadabra is a warehouse boasting anything and everything you could imagine for the Halloween season.  Located in Chelsea,  the spooktacular store has an enormous selection of costumes choicesnot only adults and children, but cats and dogs as well!  The store is also stocked with a wide selection of props and accessories to bring your costume to the next level.  Rentals are available for exclusives "collector's item costumes"

What sets this store apart from others are the services they have available. In house make up application done by professional make up artists along with purchasable fully customized vampie/werewolf monster "Fangs" (price based on number of fangs and style).

If your in the Chelsea neighborhood this shop is definitely worth the visit!

19 West 21st Street, New York , New York

New York Costumes

Dubbed New York's "Biggest Year-Round Costume Store,"  New York Costumes has "everything".  Literally everything!  The warehouse-sized store has a plethora of full costumes,masks and accersories.  The sheer size amount of products avabile and size of the store is absoultely astounding 

They also offer services to have your face make-up done by a professional if you so do choose.  

Something that really sets New York Costumes apart is the amount of celebrity sightings in the store itself!  From Chevy Chase to Hugh Jackman to Ice-T.  Come get your costumes where the celebrities shop!

104 Fourth Avenue New York, NY 10003

Creative Costume Company

Are you looking for a completely customized and unique costume this Halloween that you won't see anywhere else?  Head on over to Creative Costume Company and schedule an appointment with one of their experienced Halloween costume professionals.  They have an almost overwhelming amount of rental costumes available as well as a free altercation service.  

For the ultimate Halloween enthusiasts out their, they'll even whip you up a one and only outfit that will have everyone stop and ask "Where did you get that?"

242 W. 36 St., 8th fl., New York, NY 10001

Couldn't make it to these Super stores...

It''s a few hours before your supposed to go to Halloween Party and you have yet to get a costume!  Have no fear...  We at Joonbug have come up with some last second DIY ideas that you can put together in a matter of hours just in time for your Halloween Soiree!


50 Shades of Gray

Haven't read the book, read the summery, or listened to your friends gab about the plot? No worries!! All you need to carry off this look is great wit and a love for a play on words! Head to your local paint store, grab 50 shades of the color gray, glue them to a white shirt and voila! You are 50 shades of gray. Thank the guy to the left for coming up with this brilliant idea that is sure to make you the most popular person at whichever Halloween party you attend. 




Banksy Graffiti piece

Show everyone how classy and sophisticated you are!  Become a Banksy piece.  The picture to the left is just one example of a piece that some have done.  All you need you'd need is black/white shoes, an old pair of jeans and sweatshirt, a cap, black bandanna, some make-up and flowers.  Throw some paint on those jeans and sweatshirt (trying to match the painting), apply the makeup correctly.  If you have a group each of you could as a different Banksy piece.  Whether the case maybe, Banksy is totally "in" right now and everyone will be impressed by your "culturally-recognized" costume!


A Pinata 

Remember those awesome and cool Pinata's from childhood birthday parties?  Well why not become one for Halloween this year.  This simple yet unique costume can be made from tissue paper, glue/tape some, some old clothing and a little creativity.  The best part is you can be any type of pinata you want.  Take the look further and carry with you a  stick or bat for your audience to hit you with.  Let others tap you and out pops their reward of come sort of candy! 





Marty McFly (or any other movie character Back to the Future Character)

Back to the Future is an iconic movie that everyone knows and loves. The Micheal J Fox look from the 80's can be achieved easily and found, mostly, in your closet! A red vest and under shirt, denim jacket, jeans, window-panel shirt, white Nike's, watch, and aviator sunglasses are all you would need to complete the look!  

Have a group?  Have someone be Doc Brown, Biff (young or old) ,Jennifer and go as a group.  If you have a dog like the one from the movie to be Einstein/Copernicus even better.  Now all you'll need is a Mattel made Hover-board and a Time-traveling Delorean and your set!