Exclusive Interview: Halloween Time at London Candy Company
Check out this awesome British candy store in the West Village for a different take on all your Halloween candy essentials. Plus how you can save 15% on your purchase!

Candy is a wonderful thing; whether sweet, sour, salty, or tart, this guilty pleasure of innocent proportions radiates with universal appeal, offering so many flavors it is as if it were tailored to each individuals preference. And nestled cozily on 267 Bleecker Street  in the West Village is  the London Candy Company --a delightful candy shop that boast a massive collection of delectable treats from England. 

We had the oppurtunity to chat with Jigs Patel, the owner of the London Candy Company, and after the Q &A, found ourselves very hesitant to leave the candy heaven. From the moment we walked in we were captivated by the ghoulish goodies aligning the wall, and Patel's charisma added even more color to a store already so bright. It is very clear that this unique store is so because, aside from offering unique delights, it offers personable, and outstanding costumer service for a truly one-of-a-kind candy-shopping experience. 

What would you say is the most popular Halloween candy you sell?

The Mini Scary Fingers and Vampire Bites.

What separates you from other NYC candy stores? Why should people come here?

The main differences between candy in the UK and candy in America is the use of  artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup--we don't use any in the UK!  That is the main reason that candy from here tastes completely different. 

Have any notable celebrities come into the store?
Lindsay Lohan comes here a lot to get her favorite snack, Twiglets which are crunchy multigrain sticks. We've also seen Paul Rudd, Kelsey Grammar and Brook Shields just to name a few.

What is Halloween like in the UK? Are there many differences?

Halloween is not big in the UK for trick-or-treating for little kids, but it is becoming more popular as a holiday of partying for adults
Right after Halloween comes the holiday season--do you have certain treats you will be selling?

We will be putting all of our Christmas candies on the shelves this friday, November 1st. We will also have a wid variety of Valentines day candy out in February as well. We've already started ordering for Easter! 
Plans of expansion? More NYC stores?

We are planning on turning our back room into an English tea room by day and a speakeasy by night with wine and beer. That will come around January 2014.

 Stop by London Candy Company at 267 Bleecker Street today and say "Joonbug" at check-out to receive 15% off your purchase!