The Glenwood
Bring your fabulous, bring your dog

There's a bar on the north side of town just right off the red line stop that’s a nice low key spot. It's a spot the locals know as The Glenwood.

The Glenwood gets its name from the avenue it's built on--an old brick road a relic from times long since past. The bar itself has an old brick facade, giving the impression that it maybe from the days of bootleggers.

The joint is divided into two rooms: the entrance is where you'll find the bar. The long hard wood alcohol trove runs along the right side of the room, along a wall painted as yellow as the sun. The other side of the room  is painted a contrasting purple. It's a bit reminiscent of one of Bill Cosby's sweaters.

The second, much larger room is where you will find the pool table and the dart board. There is a magnificent fire place with a mantled adorned reminiscent of a Lewis Carroll book. As in any bar, a number of televisions hang from the walls. The programming is a nice mix of sports, the SCFI channel, and AMC. Truly something for everyone.

The week is full of events that range from your standard trivia night, to drunken knitting, to intoxicated Nintendo challenges. This along with various nightly specials that include $6 double pints and $5 bloody Marys.

The atmosphere is generally relaxed and pleasant, but keep in mind the room can spontaneously turn into a dance floor on certain nights. It's  the right blend of the low key and alcohol fueled insanity Chicago is known for. It is also a dog friendly bar. What's cooler than drinking with a boarder collie?