Glory 12 Lightweight World Championship Tournament at MSG Theater
November 23

Glory 12 New York will be taking over Madison Square Garden on Saturday November 23 with their lightweight championship tournament. $150,000 is at stake for this fight and features 4 of the best lightweight fighters in the world. 

Ranking in at #1 is Robin Van Roosmalen from the Netherlands. So far he has only lost one Glory match and won 6. With a 66% KO ratio, all eyes will be on this Dutch lightweight come November 23.

#2 is Italy native Giorgio Petrosyan who currently has 0 losses in any Glory fight. He also currently holds the title of Glory Slam Lightweight Tournament Champion.  Will being #2 kick his adrenaline into high gear enough to stay undefeated? 

Hailing from Georgia and ranked at #3 is Davit Kiria who currently has lost only 2 Glory fights. Using agression and karate-like techniques he is a fan favorite.

Ranked at #4 Andy Ristie is also an undefeated champ with a 49% KO ratio. Being ranked last should give this lightweight a lot of determination to make it to the top.

Semi-Final One will consists of Robin Van Roosmalen vs. Davit Kiria. Both have similar fighting styles so this first round should get interesting... or very ugly.

The Second Semi-Final will be Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Ristie. Since both fighters have zero losses this might be a knock out drag out fight to the finish. It will be very interesting to see who comes out on top.

So far the projected Grand Finale is Van Roosmalen vs. Petrosyan.  If that fight plays out nicely many believe that Petrosyan will come out on top, but anything can happen on fight night in the Empire State!

Glory 12 New York airs LIVE on SPIKE TV from Madison Square Garden on Saturday, November 23 at 9/8c.

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