Surrealist Painter Rafal Oblinksi Kicks off Show at Studio in the West Village
Wednesday, December 11th

Polish-born surrealist painter Rafal Oblinski is an accomplished artist in his own right, drawing his inspiration and inflience from the Belgian surrealist painter Magritte.  Ever since arriving in the United States over thirty years ago, Oblinski established himself early on the A-list circuit of artists in New York and has remained their ever since.  His commitment to his own vision as well as the accessible themes in his have made him both stand out and fit in the artistic community.  Next Wednesday, December 11th, Oblinsky is launching his show The Virtue of Ambiguitiy, hosted by Antonio "Nino" Vendome, chair of the Vendome Group, 

What: Reception for surrealist painter Rafal Oblinksi

Where: 330 Spring Street, New York, New York 10013 (between Washington and Greenwich Streets)

When: Wednesday, December 11th, 6-9pm