Interview With Pacha NYC President, Eddie Dean
As Pacha NYC is celebrating their 8 year anniversary through out the month of December, we got the chance to interview the man behind it all.

Pacha New York
has become a staple venue for renowned DJs to spin for the night. From DJs like Avicii to Laidback Luke, Paul Oakenfold to Mat Zo, nothing says you've made it as a world class DJ quite like getting to feel the enigmatic New York City club vibe from the dance floors of Pacha. Celebrating their 8 year mark in the New York City nightlife scene is nothing short of a momentous step for Pacha New York's co-owner and President, Eddie Dean

We snagged an exclusive interview with the nightclub honcho, and he shared what it's like to be behind the successful Pacha name, and his grattitude for the fans who have kept Pacha NYC running for so long.

 Pacha is one of the most recognizable names in the nightlife industry, what was your vision for Pacha NYC apart from its European recognition?

We had to keep an open mind and adapt the Pacha brand to the city we’re in: New York. You can’t compare New York and Ibiza, they’re two different worlds.

How would you describe the New York City nightlife scene compared to the rest of the world? What makes New York different?

The size of New York makes it a different scene - there’s only one New York and it’s very specialized, there are bars, clubs, lounges, underground venues… because of the size of the city, it can support this multitude of venues

Eight years strong in the night club industry is incredible, how do you plan on keeping Pacha NYC one of the best contenders in the nightlife scene?

As long as New York will have us, we’ll be here!

 When it comes to hosting all the top names in the music industry, what are some things you have to consider? What makes these events so successful?

 It’s much more difficult nowadays - there was a time where you called the DJ to book them, met them at the train station, and they played a twelve hour set. Now it’s different..These DJs play all around the world, there’s more competition. You’ve now got to get a limo, five star restaurant, look after the DJ and their friends.

The fans are what make these events so successful. If we didn't have fans, it wouldn’t be the same. New York City has the most passionate, educated fans in the world.

 If you could describe the preparation that goes behind opening the doors of Pacha NYC every weekend, how would you describe it?

 I have a full time staff working every day preparing for the weekend, from marketing, to decor to repairs. After the weekend we repair the club and clean the furniture by hand. We take our maintenance very seriously - we ensure we have optimal output, from the sound system to lighting. Every time the health department visits, they give us an “A”

What are some of your greatest memories since opening Pacha NYC?

One of the funniest moments was in 2006 - we had an underwear party during the summer, and there was a brown out with ConEd. The fire department emptied the club at 6AM, and there were two thousand people on the street in their underwear. The most impressive part was they all stood in line nice and orderly - it was definitely the New York City Fire Department’s favorite memory of the club too!

The first time Avicii played at Pacha was definitely a highlight. He told us a story of how he tried to get in when he was eighteen and we didn’t let him in. I fired the doorman as soon as I heard that! (laughs)

Do you see yourself possibly opening up other Pacha locations in the US? If so, which cities do you think will suit it best?

This is one of the most often asked questions. We’ve turned down opportunities because we don’t want to force it. When the right situation comes up, we’ll take it. There has been tons of interest in opening another Pacha in North America, and we’ve been looking at all of the options. When the time is right, we definitely will open another Pacha.