Looking Ahead: Haven Rooftop Ski Chalet at the Sanctuary Hotel
A Brief Respite From Your Winter Blues

Tired of cramming into dinghy dive bars or crowded restaurants where you are so close to your neighbor that you accidentally reach for their water glass?  Are you stressed because two little snowflakes dismantled your train’s ability to function AT ALL?  Have you managed to sweat through all 8 layers of clothes because while it is freezing outside, it is 4 million degrees in the subway?  Would you like to occasionally see the sky this winter?

We’ve all been there.  Seasonal allergy depression is real, and it’s coming to a bar near you.  Why do New Yorkers drink so much?  It’s because the tall buildings block out whatever small percentage of sunlight peeks through the winter clouds from November through March.

FEAR NOT.  The Sanctuary Hotel has helped to relieve your cold weather anxieties by kicking off the holiday season with a private party this Thursday evening, December 12, to christen its newly remodeled rooftop bar, the Haven Rooftop Ski Chalet.  The Chalet gleans inspiration from ski resorts around the globe, while allowing you to comfortably sit back and enjoy the early onset darkness with the help of a well-crafted hot toddy.  Stay tuned, as Joonbug will be there to cover the event and report back on what is sure to be a new and wonderful sky-high bar.