Tips for Dating in the Winter
Don't hibernate in the cold!














Dating these days can be tough--add a snowy winter into the mix and it can be downright impossible. Why bundle up in excessive layers and head out to the bar when you can throw on pajamas and snuggle with yourself on the couch? Luckily, we've got some tips for you on how to make this winter count, courtesy of Christina Bloom, founder of Find Your FaceMate. Find Your FaceMate is a dating website that matches couples based on similar facial features. Bloom believes that you shouldn't hibernate during the winter, but instead go out and seek the love you desire!  

1.     If you’re one of those people who like to hibernate in the winter, staying inside is ok. However, colder weather is often associated with wanting someone to cuddle with, so keep yourself out there by trying online dating.

2.     Try going out at least once a week. Schedule a day of the week in advance to go out with a few friends.  The more you’re out there, the more you increase your chances of meeting someone.

3.     Instead of hitting the clubs in the evening hours, perhaps try a coffee shop during the day. Most people will want to take shelter from the cold weather, so indoor recreation will be filled with singles. 

4.     Don’t take a “break” from looking to find love during the winter and promise that you’ll resume in the summer. Stay as social as possible – perhaps plan a ski trip with some friends.

5.     Plan a themed house party with friends and invite them to bring their single friends, i.e. a potluck dinner or football party.

Now get out there and start dating (mittens recommended)!