SantaCon is upon us!
It's SantaCon time my little elves...

SantaCon is more than just dressing up in Christmas attire and getting wasted (even though that's the best part of it). In most cities, like New York, SantaCon is affiliated with charitable good works and donations. In 2011, Santacon New York raised $10,000 for Toys for Tots and donated over 6,000 pounds of food to Manhattan and Brooklyn food banks. SantaCon reminds us to have a good time and celebrate the season, but also to spread cheer and goodwill.

So why did this Santapalooza thing start? It can be traced all the way back to 1974, when a Danish activist theatre group named Solvognen took to the streets of Copenhagen. The term "SantaCon" is first known to be coined in Portland in 1996. And though now it is less known for being about anti-commercialism and guerrilla street theatre as it was in the 70s, one thing still remains the same. And that's a bunch of Santas having a grand ol' time.

If the hustle and bustle of thousands of Santas and their elves roaming around the city intrigues you, then put on your Christmas hat and come join us in the fun. Joonbug will be hosting the official NYC Bar Crawl for 2013 SantaCon. Not sure what to wear yet or you want to stand out from the crowd? Take a look at Buzzfeed's costume ideas to rock for this year's SantaCon. And before you engage in non-sensical holiday cheer and jolly takeover, here are a few things to remember: 


Don't forget your Santa costume at home! The best part of Santacon is dressing up, so don't be the only one without a costume!



 You don't have to be just a plain ol' Santa, you can be whatever you want. Like a Santa chicken. 













 Public intoxication is no fun. You don't want to end up on Santa's naughty list this year. 











Create a buddy system so you don't lose your friends in a sea of Santas. No Santa left behind.




 And most importantly... have fun! This event only rolls around once a year so party your Christmas socks off!