Why You Should Bar Crawl This New Year's Eve!
The top 5 perks of a bar crawl and how to find one near you!

You may have had your fair share of bar crawls in college, but don't let that make you think they aren't for the grown and mature. Bar crawls are the perfect way to get all your friends together so you can go from bar to bar and drink the night away! 

This New Year's Eve make sure you check out some of the hottest bar crawls on barcrawls.com. Ring in the New Year with your friends while gaining access to the best bars in your city. 

If you're still on the fence about whether to do a bar crawl this NYE, check out the list we compiled about all the benefits of a bar crawl!


1. Not being stuck in one place

On the last night of the current year wouldn't you want the ability to party hop anywhere you'd like? Most bar crawls feature plenty of different venues that offer all different types of atmospheres. If you get to a bar and you're just not feeling the crowd don't sweat it! just move onto the next! 

2. The Prices

If you're the type of person that looks for drink deals everytime they go out to drink than a bar crawl is just the thing for you! Most of the bars that participate in the bar crawls offer drink specials that are sure to keep you and your crew happy. Especially with the New Year on the horizon save your money for the rest of the 365 days you'll have to drink! 




3. Meeting new people

Bar crawls are designed to bring people together to party, drink and have fun! Most bar crawls offer identical shirts, cups and more that keep you and your crew together as you walk through the streets and party hop the night away. Plus, if you get too drunk and lose your drinking buddies just look for someone wearing the same shirt as you. Who knows, you might just make a a new friend for 2014, because those that drink together stay together!




4. Access to the best bars in town

If you're a bar person more than a clubber than a bar crawl is the perfect thing to do on New Year's Eve! While everyone else is waiting on line at the club in their heels and mini dresses, you'll be having fun running around your city with new and old friends to some of the best bars in your city! Fear not because the bars on barcrawls.com are some of the best in each city in the US!






5. Memories for life

A bar crawl is more than just a night out, its an experience that makes for great memories that you can carry with you into the new year! Take lots of pictures, because depending on how much you drink will depend on how many memories you can recollect! 





 If any of these perks seem appealing to you make sure you ring in the New Year with an awesome bar crawl with you and your friends! To find the closest New Year's Eve Bar Crawl near you click here

Cheers and Happy New Year from all of us at Joonbug!