Haven Rooftop Ski Chalet Unveiled!
The Swanky Sanctuary Hotel adds a new look to its repertoire

Looking to add a little pizazz to your midtown drinking adventures?  Look no further.  The Haven Rooftop Ski Chalet at the fabulous Sanctuary Hotel is a little kitschy, a little heavy on the European clientele, and a whole lot of fun.

Who doesn’t love an atmosphere where fur clad servers will occasionally walk around with a giant ski that holds four shot glasses, with the promise of the warm, comforting feeling that only Fireball Whiskey can provide?  For the whiskey adverse, there are delicious holiday-inspired cocktails, like our favorite, the Apple Sauced (Stoli Apple, Cayrum, Apple Sauce, Simple Syrup, and Caramel) which is sure to appeal to the sweet tooth in us all.

Each cabana area is named after a different renowned ski resort, and each seating area is laden with furs and blankets, creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere where guests can escape from the harshness of the New York City winter we are all too familiar with.  

The staff is friendly, and what they lack in space they make up for in hospitality.  

Be sure to check out this tented and heated rooftop bar the next time you are perusing Midtown and craving a delicious cocktail.