Joonbug New Year's Eve: Party by Personality Type
We broke down our best NYE parties based on exactly what scene you fit in best!


When looking for the hottest New Year's Eve parties to end 2013 we at Joonbug know you're looking for tickets that can give you biggest bang for your buck, as well as provide for the best memories. With so many parties to chose from, it can seem a bit overwhelming--but not to worry, we have curated a list of parties as fitted to the four most pivotal personality types. 

 Whether you're a hipster, cool kid, bro or a rich kid we've got you covered on which scene is best for you!


The Hipster: 

 Any hipster can be easily spotted by their distinguishable outfit choices consisting mainly of threads from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, or their local thrift store. Known for going against the scene and popular culture, many hipsters can be spotted flocking together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn snapping off-centered Instagram pictures and picking up new vinyls from bands we’ve never heard of. If this description seems to fit you best you’re going to want to check out the following hipster-friendly Joonbug NYE parties!

  New York Parties


Mister H @ The Mondrian Hotel 

Located in NYC's trendiest neighborhood this SoHo space is a mix of swanky SoHo lounge mixed with Chinatown flair. This hipster haven offers the perfect NYE celebration with a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am) Tickets start at just $95

Tickets available now!


This chic lounge in Times Sqaure offers the hipster gathering you are looking for mixed with the best location in NYC! General admision tickets are $25 and seated VIP are $65. There will be music by Dash Speaks and a champagne Toast at Midnight.

Tickets available now

 Le Poisson Rouge 

This #1 Greenwich nightclub will be hosting a huge NYE party that will play host to some of the trendiest New Yorkers in town! Stop by LPR for music by David Dann and a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am) Tickets start at just $85

Tickets available now!

 BB King Blues Club

Spend NYE at BB King's in Times Square! This entertaiment, lounge and theater space is a great venue for a contemporart night out with a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am) and music by VJ Chris Landry. General admission tickets start at just $75

Tickets available now!

 Gallery Bar

This art gallery will turn into an exclusive downtown NYE party! This is the perfect invitation for all hipsters in the NYC area to come enjoy your night with a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am). Tickets start at $75

Tickets available now!

 Ella Lounge

This sexy LES lounge will host a hip NYE party to ring in 2014 in the most luxurious and swanky way possible! Tickets start at $85 and there will be a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am).

Tickets available now!

 Hotel Chantelle

Already being the #1 hipster hangout in NYC, Hotel Chantelle is now taking this title all the way to their biggest hipster NYE celebration to date! This retro-chic bar will have a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am) and tickets start at $115

Tickets available now!

 Above Allen

Located in NYC's trendiest hotel, Above Allen is hosting a grand NYE celebration complete with a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am). Make sure you start and end your night at Above Allen this NYE! Tickets start at $135

Tickets available now!

 LA Parties:

Bootsy Bellows

West Hollywood venue owned by David Arquette is hosting the swankiest New Year's Eve celebration with a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am).  This LA nightclub that is the perfect destination for anyone looking for festive NYE you'll remember for a lifetime! General admission starts at $85

Tickets are available now!


The Cool Kid:

 All the cool kids are doing it! They’re the types of party-goers you see out at the club with a bottle of champagne in their hand while dancing the night away in style. The cool kids are swanky, sexy and sophisticated and know how to party so anything less than the most exclusive clubs and hangouts will just not suffice this NYE. If you’re a cool kid with so much swag you don’t even know what to do with it all then checkout the following Joonbug NYE parties.

New York Parties:


Known to most as the most exclusive venue in all of NYC, 1Oak is opening its doors and inviting anyone dressed to impress to join them for NYE. 4-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 1 am). Celebrate in complete style and class in the NYC's hottest venue! Tickets start at $165

Tickets available now!





One of the best meatpacking venues, Marquee is the spot for music lovers and party goers. Come dance and drink the night away for your NYE! Tickets start at $175

Tickets available now!


A favorite venue among celebs, SL will cater to your best NYE you'll ever have! Enjoy a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am). Tickets start at just $95

Tickets available now!


This lounge has been voted #1 NYC Hot Spot, #1 Celeb Hangout, #1 VIP Lounge, #1 Ultra Exclusive New Year's Eve 2014 Bash making it your #1 pick for your New Year's Eve celebration this year! 4-hour premium open bar (10 pm - 2 am). Tickets start at $150

Tickets available now!


Every New Year's Eve deserves a big finale and Finale has your big bang to ring in 2014! 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am). Tickets start at $150.

Tickets available now!

 Pink Elephant

This famous venue is ready to say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014 in style! Join them for a NYE celebration that is sure to dazzle and surprise! 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am). Tickets start at $125.

Tickets available now!

 Riff Raff's

NYC's one and only Polynesian ultra lounge and dance club will be hosting a NYE party that will be the talk of the town! 4-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 1 am). Tickets start at $125

Tickets available now!

 Boston Parties

Estate Ultra Bar

 This classy and upscale NYE event will feature a 4-hour open bar (9 pm - 1 am). Tickets start at $55

Tickets available now!

 Gem Restaurant & Lounge

Boston's finest lounge and restaurant will have an upscale NYE party with music by Jesse Jess. Tickets start at $45

Tickets available now!

 Timeless New Year's Eve

The #1 spot for Boston's social scene will be at Timeless NYE. This VIP gala is the hotspot for the night. Tickets start at $90.

Tickets available now!


 Philly Parties:

Lit Ultra Bar

Philly's #1 dance party will have you dancing right into the new year! tickets start at $65. There will be a 5-hour open bar (9pm - 2 am).

Tickets available now!


 #1 Philly hotspot and hangout is your exclusive spot for NYE! tickets start at $85!

Tickets available now!

 The Crystal Tea Room

Thi_s upscale and intimate party is the place to be when the clock strikes 12! Perfect party for that ballgown in your closet you've been dying to wear. There will be a 5-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 2 am)Tickets start at $135.

Tickets available now!


Miami Parties:

Mondrian South Beach

The swankiest hotspot for jet setters and locals, Mondrian Hotel is sleek, sexy and trendy and will be your go to spot for NYE 2014! They will have 4-hour premium open bar (8:30 pm-12:30 am) tickets start at $125

Tickets available now!

 Wall at The W Hotel

Trend-setting hotspot, The Wall will be having an electronic NYE celebration all night long! 3-hour premium open bar (9 pm - 12 am). Tickets for admission after 2 am will start at $218

Tickets available now!


The Bro:  

Ever been at a bar with a group of your best bros singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" in unison? Do you feel like the friendship between you and your best guy friends is more like a ‘bromance’? If you’d rather spend New Year’s Eve with your best wingmen chugging beers and fist pumping the night away then make sure you check out these Joonbug NYE parties!


New York Parties

Bounce Sporting Club

If you're looking for a high energy party to ring in your new year with your best buds then head over to Bounce for a 5-hour open bar (9 pm - 2 am). Tickets start at just $85

Tickets available now!

 The Royal

Your #1 lounge for this NYE is The Royal with their 5-hour open bar (9 pm - 2 am) this upscale sports bar is your choice for NYE festivities! Tickets start at $75

Tickets available now!


This mega lounge is hosting a NYE party that has been the best in NYC for 7 years straight! Don't miss out on this NYE celebration. Enjoy a 5-hour open bar (9 pm - 2 am). Tickets start at $115

Tickets available now!

 Public House

This midtown restaurant and hot spot is one of NYC's best lounge and restaurant that is doing it big for NYE this year! 5-hour open bar (9 pm - 2 am). tickets start at $75

Tickets available now!

 Tavern 29

If you're looking for a tavern in NYC to spend your NYE then look no further because Tavern 29 has got you covered! 5-hour open bar (9pm-2am). Tickets start at $65

Tickets available now!

 Midtown 1015

This classy NYC venue is hosting a NYE celebration complete with a 5-hour open bar (9pm-2am). Tickets start at $75

Tickets available now!

 Beer Authority

If you need a place to start your night off right with a delicious dinner head over to Beer Authority for a prix-fix dinner for just $55!

Tickets available now!


NYC's NYE Crawl 'Til The Ball Falls Bar Crawl

crawl your way thru the best bars in town! Join a bar crawl and don't miss out on this exclusive chance to stumble your way thru the city into NYE!

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Rich Kids of Instagram:  

Lifestyles of the rich & (Instagram) famous! Since Instagram’s inception there has an abundance of young teens flooding our popular page with pictures of their private jets, yachts and Bentleys.  Safe to say when the bank of mom and dad is providing your lifestyle you have a lot of time to take pictures all day and post them on the Internet! If you have full disposal of Mom & Dad's credit card this NYE you should check out the following “high roller” packages available from Joonbug!

New York Parties:

$10,000 Stage VIP Bottle Package at Pier 36

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$10,000 Skybox Elite VIP Table Package at TAO Uptown

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$12,500 PH-D DJ Front VIP Elite Table Package at Dream Downtown

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